Jim Daehn

James R. Daehn, JRDevelopment

Thanks for visiting my visiting my home page! As you may gather from the domain name, my name is James Daehn, or simply “Jim.” I currently teach math and computer science at the College of Wooster and am interested in Computer Organization, Software Engineering and Web Development, Tools & Technologies. I also teach on online course in basic statistics for Tompkins-Cortland Community College.

What will you find here? Essentially, this is my “virtual playground.” With this site I’ll deliver:

  • Supplemental material for the courses I am teaching at the College of Wooster and TC3
  • Draft manuscripts of textbooks I am currently working on in Web Development and Systems Programming
  • Sample sites to attract business from those interested in having a web site custom designed for their business or personal needs

What else am I up to? As I plan on earning my Ph.D. in the “near future” I am also taking a graduate course in Software Engineering Methodologies this semester at the University of Akron.